Instrument Repairs

Crossroads Music offers repair services for fretted, orchestra, brass and woodwind musical instruments and tube amplifiers.

Orchestra Instrument Repairs

Onsite: Monday – Friday

Crossroads Music offers repair services for most orchestra instruments by Sara Gessner.  Most repairs will be returned within 3-business days.  More extensive repairs, such as gluing seams or cracks will take longer. We do setups, peg installation, new bridges, new soundpost or soundpost reset, re-strings, and minor damage repairs.  Repair estimates are free and no appointment is required.

Fretted Instrument Repairs

On-Site: Fridays or by Appointment

At Crossroads Music, we offer high-quality fretted instrument repairs for guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, resonator guitars and most fretted stringed instruments. George Rezendes has been building and repairing instruments since 1975.  His experience with and passion for the craft assure you the highest quality work available.  Even if your instrument isn’t broken, some instruments, new and old, can benefit from a precision set-up that can increase both the playability and the tone. Bring in your instrument for a free evaluation.

Brass and Woodwind Instrument Repairs

On-Site: Every 2 weeks

Brass and woodwind instrument repairs are provided by Michael Stoican of Peninsula Music Repair. Michael Stoican will provide a free estimate before any work is performed. His works comes with a 90-day guarantee for repairs that are not due to accidental damage. He is available at Crossroads Music every other week. You may drop-off your instrument at anytime during business hours. For most jobs, your instrument will be returned to you on his following visit. Low-cost rental instruments are available, if needed.

Tube Amplifier Repairs

Tube amplifiers are repaired by Larry Grobe who has extensive knowledge and experience in tube amplifier building and repairs. Drop-off your amp at Crossroads Music anytime during business hours and we will have Larry diagnose it for you.  There is a diagnostic fee of $39 to troubleshoot each amp. The diagnostic fee will be credited towards any repairs your amp may need.