Leaf Eichten Lovetree Music Lessons

Leaf is offering remote ukulele lessons via Zoom

All Levels Welcome!

Contact Information:


Phone: (360) 531-0208


30-Minute Lesson: $30

1-Hour Lesson: $55

Here’s what I offer for Uke lessons:

  • How to strum and sing.
  • How to fingerpick.
  • How to write your own songs.
  • How to become fluent in chord diagrams and chord families so you can play all of the keys in the Circle of 5th’s.
  • How to solo while others hold down the chords/rhythm.
  • How to sight read melodies on the uke, and I can help you learn the songs that you want to play on the ukulele.


  • Music teacher at Sandpoint Waldorf School, ID
  • Music teacher at Sunfield Biodynamic Farm & Waldorf School, WA
  • Private lessons since 2014

Teaching Experience

  • French major – University of Kansas & Western Washington University
  • Master’s degree in Education – Antioch University New England
  • In graduate school I wrote my thesis on the topic of music – researching why music is healing and therapeutic and why it’s important to sing for one’s own well-being.

Music Experience

Before learning instruments, I sang in school and church choirs, so I like to say that voice has always been and still remains my primary instrument. Currently I sing tenor with PT Songlines. In college, I began to dabble on the piano, inspired by the vinyl record collection of classical music that I inherited from my grandmother who passed away at that time. She was a master painter and she would listen to those albums while she worked. To this day I continue to study music theory and I love to improvise and compose music on the piano. I also play the silver flute. I have recorded three albums since 2015. They are available at: