1927 Paramount Tenor Banjo SOLD


1927 Vintage Paramount Tenor Banjo “Leader Special” Model


Made in New York, USA

This is a Paramount (“William L. Lange”) tenor banjo in good condition.  Not just a collector piece but also a very playable instrument with great tone.

Everything on this banjo is original, except for the bridge.  This was a quality made instrument and the condition and tone proves it.  It has the original “Page” geared tuners, the original “Joseph B. Rogers Jr.” banjo head and all the mother-of-pearl inlays are intact and comes with the original hardshell case.  The rim, fingerboard and resonator are made of Indian Rosewood.

This banjo shows normal wear on the back of the resonator and neck.  Below is an excerpt from the “Paramount Banjo” catalog detailing the construction of this banjo.

Excerpt from the Paramount Banjo Catalog

The remarkably beautiful Paramount tone and amazing carrying power lies in the construction. The amplifying rim imparts the piano volume and harp quality.  The perforated tone band serves to space the detachable acousticon (resonator) from the rim.  This acousticon, based on scientific principles, projects the big tone (as created by the specific rim construction) forward from the body of the instrument.

The wood finish is made to withstand chemical reactions, such as acids, excessive heat, etc. This process is absolutely acid proof, water proof and heat proof, keeping the instrument in constant admirable condition.

To prove conclusively that the Paramount Rim Construction is responsible for the wonderful paramount tone, remove the “Acousticon” from the Paramount banjo; Be sure that head is tight.  Play a few chords, and the superiority of the Paramount is instantly noticeable.

All Paramount rims are laminated to a thickness of 5/8 of an inch.  There are 24 brackets, all heavy die cast brass.  Flat hooks and ball end nuts. The heads used are carefully selected for us by the maker, the celebrated Joseph B. Rogers. Jr.

All Paramount necks are hand made of thoroughly seasoned woods, critically examined by careful workmen.  They are reinforced and scientifically glued with cross-grained materials.

The fingerboards are genuine India Rosewood with standardized complete range, fifteen and one-half inches long from the nut to rim.  Nineteen frets.  Extra heavy mother of pearl is used for all ornamental work.  Standard original peg heads. All fingerboards bound, to prevent protruding frets.

Special equipment.  The tailpiece is the finest on the market –the new improved Paramount adjustable tailpiece.  Other features include the Paramount Sure-Hold stick wedge, the Paramount adjustable arm rest and the Page geared tuners.

Model: Leader Special
Condition: Used Good

Nut Width: 1-1/8 inches
Overall Length: 33-1/2 inches
Scale Length: 22-3/4 inches
Number of Frets: 19
Head Size: 11-1/4 inches
Resonator Size: 13-1/8 inches
Rim Thickness: 5/8 inch
Brackets: 24 Die-Cast Brass
Inlay: Heavy Mother-of-Pearl
Fingerboard: India Rosewood

Original Hardshell Case Included.

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