Deering Tubaphone Vega 2 Openback Banjo – SOLD



Deering Vega No. 2 Tubaphone 5-String Openback Banjo

Made in USA

Model: Vega #2 Tubaphone
Stock Number: C-1929
Condition: Used, Excellent
Includes: Original Hardshell Case

Neck Material: Curly Maple Neck Stained Light Amber
Fingerboard Material: Ebony

Whether you play old time, bluegrass, blues, classical, or compose your own music, the Vega No.2 offers a timeless classic reborn with traditional appearance, world renowned craftsmanship, and classic tone. The Vega No. 2 has a unique voice, a warm, round, vibrant tone. It is balanced, full, round and yet sparkling with depth, responsiveness, and power.

The tubaphone tone ring creates that unique Vega tone in this professional quality maple banjo. The Vega No.2 is a banjo made of top grade curly maple stained light amber and buffed to a high gloss. The dimensions of the neck are quite similar to the early Vega banjos – full, yet fast and comfortable. The Vega Tubaphone tone ring is made of brass to create a beautiful tone and projection. The tubaphone tone ring is precisely fitted to the 3-ply violin grade maple rim, which is also fitted with a brass bracket band and frosted top head to create a crisp tone for all styles of music.

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