Eric Prust Minstrel Banjo C-1652 SOLD


Eric Prust Boucher Minstrel Banjo with Brass Hardware


Made in Washington, USA.

Stock Number: C-1652
Condition: New

Pot Size: 13 inches
Pot Material: White Oak
Neck Style: Boucher
Headstock Style: Boucher
Head Material: Calfskin
Hardware: Brass
Tuners: Violin Friction
Strings: Nylon
Neck Style: Scooped
Nut Width: 1-7/16″ inches
Overall Length: 40″

This banjo is a deluxe minstrel banjo with tensioning hardware to make the calfskin head easier to adjust. Temperature and humidity can affect the tension on a natural skin head.

Eric Prust has been building tackhead and fretless banjos with the object of making a basic, almost primitive banjo similar to the ones common common in the 19th century. Eric makes a banjo that has good, warm, vintage tone along with being very playable for clawhammer players.

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