G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Electric Guitar Butterscotch


G&L Tribute ASAT® Classic Electric Guitar in Butterscotch Finish

This G&L Tribute ASAT® electric guitar features a Butterscotch finish over Sassafras wood body, 1-ply white pickguard, vintage tint satin neck finish and Maple fingerboard

The G&L ASAT Classic is Leo’s final word on the traditional single-cutaway bolt-on axe. Framed in a classic boxed-steel bridge, the single-coil Magnetic Field Design™ bridge pickup created by Leo Fender† delivers crisp attack with complex harmonics while individual brass saddles offer modern levels of intonation refinement. Flip to the single-coil MFD™ neck pickup and you’ll discover a delectably rich tonal palette, from round clean jazz tones to thick, gritty blues. Put ‘em together and you’ll find a whole ‘nother level of heaven.

The Tribute® Series ASAT Classic is dripping with Leo mojo at a price attainable for every working musician. Once you play a G&L Tribute Series, you’ll never look back.



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