Keeley Electronics Compressor Plus Guitar Pedal


Keeley Electronics Compressor Plus Guitar Pedal

Made in USA

  • Keeley’s Most Popular Pedal Ever!
  • Gorgeous Sustain
  • The Perfect Boost

The Keeley Compressor is the most popular boutique compressor in the world. The new features are simple and straight forward. Now there is a simple Release Switch that is tuned for single coils or humbuckers.

The Keeley Compressor Plus is a compressor with an expander/sustainer. Not only does it act as a regular compressor, limiting the peaks in your playing, it adds more and more gain as notes fade out. Now you have sustain. Nothing worse than a note or a bend that has died before its time. The Keeley Compressor Plus adds just the right amount of sustain and expressive bloom to your notes.

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