Scott Cao 4/4 Cello STC-017 Fully Setup


Scott Cao Hand Crafted Cello, 4/4 – STC-017 with Despiau bridge and Jargar strings

Maple (moderate flame) back and side and spruce top, Indian ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece.
4 fine tuners. Built with slightly antique varnish

Model No: STC-017
Condition: New
Size: 4/4
Type: Cello
Cello Only. No case or bow.

Instruments made by Scott Cao luthiers feature excellent tone, choice wood, quality varnish and superior craftsmanship. Completely hand carved, the meticulous graduation of the top and back produce a powerful and refined tone. Each instrument is individually hand-made, displaying the skillful work of a master builder.



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