Stellar Premier Native American Flute G – Walnut Key of G


Stellar Premier Native American Flute with Carrying Bag – Walnut Wood in the Key of G

Stellar Premiere Native American flutes are concert quality flutes, handmade out of unique and beautiful pieces of wood available in a wide range of keys. Each flute is decorated with a one of a kind cotton wrap and features a hand carved “stellar” totem.

  • Wood: Walnut
  • The key of G is a medium sized flute. 23 inches long.
  • The fingering holes are (from center to center) approximately 1 1/8 inch apart.
  • The distance from the mouth end of the flute to the first finger hole is approximately 10 1/8 inches.
  • The carrying bag is hand made out of black polar fleece with a nylon shoulder strap and has a cinch closure.


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