Teton Parlor Solid Mahogany Top Guitar STP103NT SOLD

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Teton Parlor Solid Mahogany Top Guitar STP103NT

Condition: New

At first glance, the Teton parlor guitar looks and feels very traditional. However, once you hear this guitar, you will hear a sound that transcends the typical parlor guitar. They have elements that made parlor guitars one of the most popular models in the early 1900s: the slotted headstock and the 12th fret neck attachment. That said, it has redesigned bracing patterns and top thickness to help the Teton parlors have a unique sound. While retaining some of the “boxy” qualities of early parlor guitars, the Teton parlor provides rich overtones and a broader frequency of tones, allowing the sound to be full and much louder than you would expect.